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I keep trying to think of the perfect opening… a magnificent HELLO to you all. I go through all of the exciting ideas that I have for this website and community that I want to share with you but in the end it all just seems a bit overwhelming. So instead I thought maybe I should share with you WHY instead of WHAT.

The ‘why’ for this website are those two furry babies. Peanut, she’s the cute one with the good posture. Calliope is the adorable one that can’t be bothered to sit up for photos. They were both rescued from a local shelter. Though I am a professional lifestyle [pet] photographer in Charleston, SC I thought I’d ‘keep it real’ by sharing a few cellphone snaps from my life.

After rescuing my girls I wanted to help out the rescues around here. They are my world and I am so grateful for them every day!  So I got involved with my camera and started using my talents in photography and graphic design to help them spread the word about events, fundraisers, and special cases in need of attention. As time went on I began to see that they are ALWAYS overwhelmed with more to do and more to save than there will ever be time in the day.

The more I am involved with animal rescue, the more people I meet with hearts the size of Texas and budgets smaller than a shoestring. And being the type of person I am, I want to help THEM further their mission and calling. But how? I am only one person. I am trying to run a business, always seem to have a foster puppy (or two or four) in my home and I have a family and life that need tending too. So I started talking it out with others who are involved with animal rescue. We had endless cups of coffee and a few glasses of wine while really hashing out the needs and desires of those in the trenches. What are the needs? What are the roadblocks? What can be done from a laptop in Charleston, SC that is scale-able and able to help those in need locally and across the country.

That’s why Rescue & Co. was born. As a way to support each and every one of you to further your mission. You know your heart and passion. You have a job to do. We want to help you do it. Many of the same rules that I follow in my business apply to you… and I am never one to keep a good idea a secret. I know the power of photos, smart marketing, graphic design, business education, and partnership. I use all of those in my professional career and in my work with rescues and shelters. My photos have been published internationally, my graphic design work has been in various publications and I have created the logos and brand identity for several businesses. So… why not wrap it all together for YOU?! *facepalm!

So I brought on a few friends and put their unique skills to work as well. I’ll be introducing them in the coming weeks. But our little team of animal lovers and professionals make up Rescue & Company. We are here to rescue YOU from the endless tasks of marketing that take your energy away from where it should be. Saving lives.

And on a personal note, I have to say THANK YOU!  From a rescue mama of two little fur babies that would have died if it weren’t for people like you. My world wouldn’t be the same, I wouldn’t be the best form of me without their snuggles. Thank you for devoting your life to the animals. Though we may not have met, my world is better for having you in it.

With all my heart,

Laura Olsen, photographer & designer @

Founder, Rescue & Company

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Visionary, Founder of Rescue & Company and owner of Olsen Imagery in Charleston South Carolina.

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