Our tagline is ‘Saving the people who save animals’…

“Save me from what?” you ask.


Time. Effort. Learning Curve. Money.

I love animals just as much as you do. And I feel a constant urge to do more… just like you do.  So instead of starting yet another rescue group, I thought, why don’t I put my skills to use to support those who are already in the trenches? I can help them to do more with what they have, rather than starting another well intentioned, financially strapped rescue in a world full of them.  That’s how Rescue & Co. began. We are here to use our talents to make your life easier and to make life possible for that stray puppy that you picked up off the street yesterday… (What? That’s just me?).

Rescue & Company. Saving the people who save animals.

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Visionary, Founder of Rescue & Company and owner of Olsen Imagery in Charleston South Carolina.

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